When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

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A tree removal project can be very involved. Many folks don't want to look into tree removal services if they can avoid it. However, removing a tree is often necessary. Property owners looking at any of these five situations should ask a professional to assist with getting rid of a tree. 


One of the most common reasons to remove trees is to prevent the spread of disease to nearby members of their species. Dutch elm disease is a common example where people remove diseased trees and even potentially vulnerable ones. The goal is to create a line in the ecosystem where the disease will stop spreading. In extreme cases, this may mean removing every single member of the tree species on the property.

Weak Growth

Trees also can develop weak growth. Generally, this comes with age. However, it can happen due to poor soil conditions, too much or too little water, available sunlight, or environmental factors like pollution. If a tree's growth is weak, its structure can become a threat to nearby properties and people. Also, weak trees often have raggedy-looking branches so removing them can improve a landscape's appearance.

Insufficient Support

A tree may not have enough support to stay safely where it is. If the soil is too loose for the tree species, the entire structure can become loose. Likewise, many species put down shallow roots even in good soil. The best solution is to remove the tree before it becomes a danger.

Proximity to Buildings or Infrastructure

Tree growth can also bring a plant too close to a structure or a piece of infrastructure. Many utility companies trim the branches around trees, but this can create an ugly look. A tree close to a house can be a physical threat. It also can be a security issue because the tree may allow a would-be intruder to scale it and enter the building.

If you elect to remove a tree near any infrastructure, make sure to contact the owner or proper authority. Most tree removal service firms have relationships with utility providers and government entities in a given region. You can ask the owner if your preferred tree removal company can handle the job.


Finally, tree removal is necessary for clearance. If you're planning construction on a property, trees, roots, and stumps all can be problematic. Also, you might want to clear an area for landscaping. Even if you want trees on the property, you'll likely want to plant manageable ones.

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.