5 Useful Services To Ask Your Commercial Landscaper About

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The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a commercial landscaper are things like lawn mowing, fertilization, shrub trimming, and flower planting. There are actually a lot more services a commercial landscaper can provide for your business, and these services will all help improve the first impression customers experience upon arrival at your doors. 

1. Property Cleaning

All sorts of debris can collect around the property. Garbage and debris can blow into parking lots, collect against the building, or become snagged in the landscaping. Your landscaping service can clean up debris, like trash and things like fallen leaves. Many services also provide power washing, which means you can have your parking lots, walkways, and building exterior deep cleaned as needed so everything looks fresh and clean.

2. Snow and Ice Removal

In areas with snowfall or ice, prompt removal is needed so that there are no liability concerns from slipping and sliding. Fortunately, many landscape services provide snow removal services during the winter off-season. They will come out whenever there is snowfall or an ice storm to shovel parking lots and paths. The service also typically includes laying down ice melt products or traction sand when necessary.

3. Sprinkler Maintenance

Most commercial properties feature automatic sprinkler systems since these ease the burden of landscape maintenance on your building maintenance crew. These sprinkler systems do require regular maintenance, including leak and emitter repair as well as seasonal tasks like closing down the system before winter. Your landscaping service can often provide all of your irrigation maintenance needs so there is no need to hire additional contractors. 

4. Exterior Pest Treatments

Pests in the landscaping around your business can kill the plants and lead to high landscape repair costs. Some pests, such as rats and certain insects, may even move indoors and wreak havoc inside your business. Many landscaping services provide basic exterior pest treatment services designed to eliminate both insect and mammal pests that damage landscaping or pose a building invasion risk.

5. Drainage Repair and Installation

A sometimes-overlooked aspect of your landscaping is the drainage around the property. Water run-off from the building, irrigation systems, and general terrain must be routed safely into storm drain systems so it doesn't damage building foundations or parking lots. Your landscaping service can maintain existing drains so they flow freely with no blockages. They may also install additional drainage in the landscaping when needed.

Contact a commercial landscaping service to learn more about all of the offered services.