2 Benefits Of Having Your Lawn Core Aerated By A Professional Service

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While surveying your home's yard, you may have noticed that the lawn is not as green and lush as you would like it to be. There may be brown spots or areas where the grass grows thin and is overrun by weeds.

If so, you may want to consider having your lawn treated with core aeration, which is where a professional service strategically removes small cores of soil at equal distances throughout your yard. There are a couple of benefits of having a landscaping service perform this type of aeration to help encourage a better-looking lawn for your home's property.

1. Increases the Soil's Absorption of Water and Fertilizer to Grow Healthier, Greener Grass

One benefit of having your lawn core aerated is that the removal of the soil cores helps to increase the ground's ability to absorb water and nutrients from fertilizer. Without aeration, water puddles on the surface of the ground, and the fertilizer often only penetrates the top layers of the soil.

However, when core aeration has been done by a professional, the water and nutrients are able to reach the deepest parts of the grass's root systems. This direct delivery to the roots helps the grass grow healthier, thicker, and greener, helping to eliminate bare and thin areas in your yard.

2. Decreases Thatching and Soil Compaction to Improve Airflow to Allow for Better Gas Exchange

Another problem that core aeration addresses for your lawn is the thatching of dead grass and soil compaction. When dense thatches overlay compacted soil, there is not enough airflow around the bases of the grass blades to allow for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, which will choke out the new growth.

However, the benefit of aeration is that it allows the air to flow freely around the grass, letting it breathe and receive the gases it needs to thrive. With the removal of thatches and compaction, the increased sunlight and air can reach all of the blades to allow the grass to grow thicker and lusher.

When you have your lawn core aerated, the strategic removal of soil helps to increase its ability to absorb water and nutrients from fertilizer to help with the growth of greener, healthier grass. It also helps to decrease thatching and the compacting of soil to improve airflow, allowing the lawn to breathe. If you are interested in learning more, contact a landscaping company that offers aeration services to speak with a representative.