4 Tips For Purchasing Lawn Turf

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If you are ready for a new, lush lawn, then planting turf is a quick way to achieve the goal. Turf, sometimes called sod, is living grass. It's grown and cut from turf forms, then rolled up and shipped to the customer. Once rolled out and properly watered, it will take root in your yard and provide a nearly instantaneous green lawn. 

1. Know Your Turf Options

Many turf sales centers work with several turf farms, so you should have a choice of grass types. Before settling on a variety, check what grows well in your climate. For example, in moderate climates or a shaded lawn, a cool season fescue will do better than a warm weather variety like Bermuda. Lawn turf also comes in a variety of colors, from bright green St. Augustine grass to the blue-green shades of Kentucky bluegrass, so know your preferences before ordering.

2. Have an Installation Plan

You must act quickly once the turf is delivered, as it's more likely to die or suffer damage if it's not planted right away. The surest way to ensure a quick installation is to have the yard prepped for turf laying before the turf is due to be delivered. Lawn turf is typically delivered in the morning, often soon after harvesting, so prepare the ground at least a day in advance of the delivery.

3. Check Delivery Availability

Having a plan for installation won't be useful if your turf supplier can't deliver it at that time. Most turf suppliers have set delivery days, which are designed to follow the frequency of turf harvesting at the farms. For example, if the turf farm only harvests fescue on Mondays, then it may only be available for delivery on Mondays or Tuesdays. If you can't install until Friday, then you either need a new supplier or will have to reassess your installation schedule.

4.  Measure Twice Before Ordering

Finally, make sure you order the right amount of turf to cover your yard. There are no standard measurements for turf strips, but there are common sizes. Your turf sales team can tell you the usual dimensions for their turf supplies. Providing your supplier with the square footage of your yard is usually all that is necessary for them to determine your order size. Turf is sold by the roll or by the pallet. There may be discounts if you order by the pallet, making it a good choice if your yard is large enough to warrant one or more pallets.

Contact a turf supplier if you have further questions or want to place an order.