Easy Ways To Make Your Landscape Pop

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Have you ever driven or walked by a residential landscape that just seemed incredibly beautiful and balanced? That may have been, in part, due to a lot of luxury landscaping elements and custom structures. But it may also have been because the landscapers and homeowners knew how to use certain, small elements to make the landscape really pop. Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to give your landscape the same appeal.

Add some potted flowers

Flowers definitely add color and beauty to a landscape, but many flowering plants have a tendency to spread and make your garden beds look a little less organized and intentional. A way around this is to simply plant flowers in pots and then spread those pots out through the garden beds. Set a pot in each corner of the garden bed, or set a series of three pots across the front of a garden bed. This approach also makes it easy to change out your pots if the flowers in them die, or if you decide you want a different color of flower at some point.

Put down plastic edging

Do the edges of your garden beds tend to get overgrown and uneven? Nothing makes a landscape look shabby faster than this. A good way around it is to put down plastic landscape edging. You simply unroll it, press it into the soil, and leave it be. It will keep the weeds and grass from overgrowing out of the garden beds and deliver a rather clean, polished appearance.

Create a focal point

Most good designs, landscaping and otherwise, have a central focal point where the person looking at the design focuses their vision. Work to create this in your landscape if you don't have one already. You can orient all of your flowers and other plants toward one object, which could be a decorative bush, a small fountain, or even a large boulder. This sort of central-focused design makes the landscape feel more balanced and cohesive.

Always freshen the mulch

Fresh mulch makes for a fresh-looking landscape. Instead of simply mulching your landscape once a year, keep some extra mulch on hand and spread a new, thin layer every month or so. This will keep the landscape looking new all year long.

With the tips above, you can help your landscape really pop. Talk to a landscaping contractor if you need any help with these tips or other landscaping ideas.