Addressing Drainage Issues That May Be Impacting Your Property

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Drainage issues are a common problem that will impact many properties. Unfortunately, poor drainage can result in it being harder to grow healthy plants and minimize the amount of erosion that occurs to the grounds. Knowing the common causes of drainage and erosion problems may help you with devising a plan for stopping these issues from having substantial impacts on the landscaping of your property or even the structures that may be built on it.

Low-Lying Areas

Low-lying areas of your property can be particularly susceptible to suffering from major drainage issues. During rain, the runoff may tend to flow towards these areas, and it could also become trapped. As a result, these areas may have standing water for several days or longer after heavy rains. To compensate for these issues, it can be possible to raise these areas with fill dirt so that water is less likely to pool, or there may be pumps and gutters that can be installed to allow a path for the water.

Poorly Positioned Sprinkler Systems

Unfortunately, some sprinkler systems may not have been installed with the drainage needs of the property in mind. This will lead to some areas of the property receiving more water than can effectively drain away. If this is occurring with your property, it might be necessary to arrange for the sprinkler system to be reconfigured so that it will not overwater some sections of the landscaping. While this can be a major undertaking, it can avoid some long-term and significant damage that may result due to persistent overwatering of some areas of the property. Consulting with a drainage contractor can help you with identifying the areas where water accumulation or excess erosion is the most likely to occur.

Lack Of Plant Coverage

The plants that are growing on your property can play a vital role in managing the runoff and drainage for the property. In addition to being able to hold the soil in place with their roots, these plants will also absorb much of the water that is draining through the soil. Unfortunately, if you have areas of your property where there is no grass or other ground cover, it could lead to soil becoming waterlogged much more quickly. Increasing the foliage of your landscaping can significantly improve drainage, but you will need to balance the benefits of improved drainage against the maintenance needs of each plant when you are deciding which ones to add.

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