Do's And Don'ts For Using Luminescent Stones In Your Landscape

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Luminescent rocks are a great way to add nighttime fun and interest to your landscape. But using them to their greatest advantage takes some planning ahead. To help you figure out how to deploy your glow-in-the-dark stones, here are a few key do's and don'ts.

1. Don't Place Them in Shade. Remember that most luminescent pebbles and stones are covered with paint that soaks up UV rays from the sun. So they need sunlight. The amount of direct sunlight may vary, so avoid placing them where it's shady most of or all of the day. 

2. Do Use them Practically. While most homeowners use luminescent painted objects for fun, they have a practical side. Is there a section of your yard or walkway that just doesn't get enough light and may be unsafe? What about garden beds that are too dark to show off in the evening hours? Address these problems by using the light of glowing pavers, pebbles, and rocks to illuminate the environment. 

3. Don't Start Without a Plan. Many people who discover glow-in-the-dark landscape materials want to just place objects in their yard for kicks. But if you don't have a design plan in mind, you may end up with a hodgepodge that distracts from the landscape rather than adds to it. Figure out if you want to line certain features, use large amounts of luminescent rocks, or create a design, for instance. 

4. Do Talk With Landscapers. A landscaping service is a big help when adding a new element into the yard. They'll help you blend it into the landscape in aesthetically pleasing ways, avoid any materials that could harm the landscape, and create a low-maintenance design. In addition, working with your landscaping crew ensures that they don't accidentally change your design by moving luminescent items around.

5. Don't Be Afraid to Branch Out. Once you've played with glow-in-the-dark stones, consider expanding your design to incorporate other glowing features. You might paint a sculpture, a fountain, or the bottom of a pond, for example. Have fun with colors, shapes, and designs meant to be seen from different parts of the landscape, windows, and even the street. With careful preparation, you might create a nighttime wonderland. 

Ready to start using luminescent stones in your landscape? Begin by consulting with a landscape service such as Christal Clean Landscapes in your area today. With their guidance, you'll find safe, quality materials, make a workable plan, and create a design that wows everyone.