"Extra" Lawn Care Services To Add On Periodically

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Many people have a professional landscaping company come mow their lawn once or twice a week. Aside from perhaps watering, this is the only weekly care most lawns need. However, there are a few services you may want to ask your lawn care service to add to your routine every now and then. 


Throughout the year, your lawn may start to develop some divots and raised spots. This may happen if you venture outside when the soil is wet, leaving footprints behind. Or, you may get a dent if a tree branch falls on the wet land. Rolling is a service that can get rid of these high and low spots and even things out for you. Your landscaping company will simply drive a big, heavy, metal roller over the land, flattening it. Most people have this done every year, but you might only need to have it done every few years, depending on how soft your yard is and how you use it.


Grass is a plant with a lot of dense roots near the surface. These roots can start to act as a barrier, preventing water from seeping into the soil. This can cause your grass to start to look brown and dry, even when you've watered it regularly. Aeration is a lawn care service that can help. With aeration, your landscape company will roll a spiky tool over the lawn. This tool will make lots of little holes in the dense, thatched, rooted layer of the lawn. Water will then be better able to penetrate the lawn to the point that the grass can use it. The best times to have a lawn aerated are usually in late fall or early spring.

Grub Protection

Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles. They like to hang out in the soil beneath your lawn and then eat your grass roots. They're tough to get rid of once they invade, and they attract other wildlife, such as skunks. So, it is a good idea to have your lawn care service treat your lawn for grubs once a year. There are liquid and solid preventatives they can apply to your lawn to fend off these pesky pests.

Most lawn care services do offer more than just mowing, although you may have to ask. Talk to them about these services, and consider whether they're right for your needs.

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