Features To Look For In A Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Years ago, if you wanted a pizza oven in your backyard, you had to have one custom-built into the space. People do still have custom pizza ovens built, but this is no longer the only approach you can take. Now, there are numerous portable pizza ovens on the market. You can buy one and set it up in the yard yourself! But how do you pick from the various models of pizza ovens available? Here are some key features to consider.

How many pizzas can you bake at a time?

Most portable pizza ovens are designed to bake one pizza at a time. However, there are some larger models that bake 2 or even 4 small pizzas at once. Whether or not you need one of these larger models will depend on your family and how you plan to use the pizza oven. If you plan on hosting parties and making pizzas at those parties, you may want to buy the larger one. On the other hand, if it's just you and your partner making pizzas, a single-pizza oven should be sufficient. Remember, it only takes a couple of minutes to bake a pizza in one of these ovens, so the person whose pizza bakes second won't be waiting too long.

What fuel does the pizza oven use?

Some outdoor pizza ovens run on propane, and others run on wood. There's no right or wrong option; it just depends on what you want to deal with. If you like the flavor of wood-fired pizza and you don't mind storing and fiddling with the wood, then, by all means, buy a wood-fired pizza oven. On the other hand, if you want to make pizzas quickly and easily with less mess, a propane-powered pizza oven is best.

Can you set the pizza oven on a table?

Some portable pizza ovens are designed to be placed on a tabletop. Others are designed to be set on the ground and wheeled around. Consider how your yard is laid out and where you plan on putting your pizza oven before you pick a model. Keep in mind that even tabletop models are quite heavy, so you'll need a strong table.

Portable pizza ovens make it possible to create pizza right in your own backyard. If you move, you just take the oven with you! Look at various models, like an outdoor wood-fired stainless steel pizza oven, and keep the features above in mind as you do.