Some Do's And Don'ts To Customize Your Backyard Pool Depth

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Most homeowners planning a backyard pool put a lot of thought into the pool's size and shape. But what about its depth? Pool depth, like many other factors, isn't a one-size-fits-all feature. Instead, modern pool owners can choose an array of depths and layouts to match their ideal usage. To help you find your own perfect dimensions, here are a few do's and don'ts for pool depth. 

Do Think Beyond the Standard

Just like pool owners can customize a pool shape, they can — and should — customize the depths. Rather than be boxed in by the traditional shallow end/deep end layout, consider different depths in different parts. For instance, some owners add two shallow ends with a deeper middle section. Thinking outside the box takes advantage of modern pool technology and helps design a space your family will best use. 

Don't Overestimate the Deep End

Most pool owners assume that a deep section is necessary, and it may be for some. Certainly, if your family tends to dive head-first into the water, you need a very deep area for safety. However, most pool activities don't call for something nearly as deep. Lap swimming, water sports, and casual play can all happen comfortably and safely in a pool that allows users to stand up. 

Do Create a Kid-Friendly Space

The shallow end of a traditional pool is where the younger ones can safely play. But this can still put the smallest kids in danger and lead to conflict during play. Instead, consider an L-shaped pool where the smallest leg is the wade-in area safe for youngsters. This format allows kids to play uninterrupted and boundaries can be added. If the L shape isn't for you, apply this methodology in its own way.

Don't Limit Usage

When designing your depth plan, don't focus too much on any one group or activity. After all, kids grow up, interests and play change, and homes are bought by new owners. The wider range of users and usage styles you can accommodate, the more your pool will stay relevant in your — and future buyers' — lives. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about pool depth choices? Start by meeting with a pool builder in your area today. They'll work with you to analyze your family makeup and styles as well as to understand what future buyers will value in a pool. Together, you can craft the perfect backyard getaway for everyone.