Want To Update Your Landscaping? Use Hardscaping To Make It Look Beautiful

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If you want to update your landscaping, you should consider using hardscaping. Adding hardscaping along with beautiful flowers, etc., can make a big difference in the way your landscaping looks. Keep reading for two different ways you can use hardscaping. 

Use Stones

Stone hardscaping can be used in many ways and there are different types of stones available. There is limestone, which is made of plants, fossils, and rocks along with sand and mud. You can find limestone in a variety of colors. Limestone is popular, as it is durable and can withstand different weather conditions. Limestone hardscaping includes things like creating a walking path, flooring for a patio, or creating a stone wall. 

Another stone you can use is sandstone, which works great for outdoor landscaping. The sandstone is available in different colors from white to red. Sandstone is often used as a paving stone. This is because you can break sandstone into different sizes. Sandstone is also used to make retaining walls. You can use small sandstone pieces as an edging to a flower garden or rocks placed around ponds or streams. 

Quartzite, which is a smaller stone, is another stone used in landscaping. Quartzite is made of sandstone and other materials and is compressed using heat, creating a durable stone. You can find quartzite in a variety of colors from white to gray. Quartzite is shiny and can easily be seen at night. Quartzite is used for making paths, flooring for patios, or used with flower gardens. 

Use Water Fountains

Consider using water fountains along with stone with your landscaping. You can purchase mobile water fountains that are light and easy to move. There are also larger, stationary water fountains that stay in place. There are also spouting fountains that are commonly used. These fountains spout water into the air and the water then falls back down.  

Cascading water fountains are another option you have. With this fountain, water flows down on different levels. You can find the fountains with two or more levels and the water flows from the top with a steady flow. These fountains generally have a basin at each level or the fountains will look like water is flowing down a hill or a mountain. 

Water fountains can get water from a nearby stream or a pond. You can also connect the water fountains to your home's water supply through pipes. If you want to do this, hire a plumber to help you install the piping and connect the water fountain. 

Contact a landscape contractor to learn more about stone hardscape installation or fountains.