Why Healthy Top Soil Matters When Designing Your Yard

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When landscaping and designing your yard, the top soil you choose can make or break the results. Top soil should be healthy and rich in nutrition, and it should be able to meet the growing needs of your lawn and the plants you put in your yard. Your landscaper can help you choose top soil for your lawn, and even if you do have top soil on your property, you might want to add to it.

Here are reasons why top soil matters when designing your yard. You can get top soil compost in bulk from your landscaper or a top soil supplier.

Top soil determines ground moisture levels

The top soil you have in your yard will help determine what the moisture levels are in your yard overall. The top soil you have should eagerly accept watering and not allow moisture to settle on top of your lawn or flood into your lawn too fast. A good trickle of moisture is what healthy top soil will allow, and it will also trap the water beneath the surface of the soil so the ground stays moist throughout the day.

You want your top soil compost to protect your lawn, so make sure your top soil is healthy and absorbent.

Top soil adds nutrition to your ground

Sometimes the ground you plant on is not as healthy as other areas and might be full of hard clay or dry soil because of location or the soil type in your area. If you need to change the acidity or alkaline aspects of your soil, start by changing up the top soil. The top soil should have lots of nutrition for your lawn that can trickle down and help make the ground more nutritious and healthy for plant life, improving the health of your grass, trees, and the other plants in your yard. With time, top soil can vastly improve your overall landscape and help create a healthy mulch and compost for future planting.

Your top soil should be easily pliable in your hands and should not be dusty and full of rocks. Some people add new top soil compost to existing top soil to help improve their yards. Any landscaping projects you start should begin with healthy top soil, so ask your landscaper about your options before you aerate your lawn or perform other measures to protect your landscape since new top soil can make a huge difference.

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