Insights For Adding In The Right Landscape Elements To Your Yard

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The design of your yard and its landscaping can make or break the appearance and value of your property. An unimproved property will be overgrown with weeds and other invasive species and actually look neglected so it brings down your home appearance and the values of your neighbor's properties. However, when you understand some ways to improve your yard with landscaping, you can create your favorite oasis right in your backyard. Here are some recommendations to help you make the best out of your backyard landscape design so it looks great and works well for your needs. 

Add in Texture

When you work on landscaping your yard, the more variety you can add into the space, the better it will look and function. As an example, you don't want to have a boring yard that consists of only a landscape covering of a lawn with one tree in the corner. This minimalistic view will limit the amount of growth your yard will have along with beauty, and you will have a reduced amount of wildlife coming to your yard to enjoy the vegetation. 

Instead, look to add in a mixture of landscaping vegetation and hardscape surfaces. You can add in a bedding area of low-growing vegetation and flowers along the sides of your yard or up the middle to combine with a set of steps that connect a lower and upper elevation to your yard. Then, trees can be placed around the yard to provide shade while still allowing direct sunlight a majority of the day to a vegetable garden plot. 

Another way to add in texture is through non-growing hardscaping, such as gravel, paving stones, concrete, wood mulch, boulders, a retaining wall, an outdoor seating area or fire pit. When you add in a layer of gravel covering, be sure you thicken the layer of gravel to several inches thick so it remains in place and prevents weed growth. A covering of river rocks around trees or shrubbery is a great way to enhance the space with natural materials. Look at your local landscape design supplier for a selection of rocks, wood mulch, and other materials you can add into your yard's landscaping to improve and beautify the space.

Use Edging

Edging in your planned-out yard landscaping is just as important as using a variety of materials and vegetation. When you install edging or a border, you separate two different types of elements in your yard, which is a visual improvement and is pleasing to the eye. Edging is also functional because it actually holds your gravel in its spots and helps to keep it from spilling onto your lawn or into your pool decking, as examples. Then, when you have a healthy, thriving lawn, your concrete or brick curbing will keep the lawn from growing into your bedding areas.

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