Why Trimming The Big Shade Tree In Your Backyard Is Important

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A big shade tree is a valuable feature in your backyard. It provides a shady place to escape from the sun and give your property a little beauty. To get the most from your tree, you may need to have it trimmed occasionally. Here's why trimming the tree is beneficial for it, your property, and your family.

Trimming Removes Wild Growth

A tree is usually more attractive when its growth is symmetrical. If you start trimming the tree when it's young, you can remove limbs that take off in wild directions. A tree can even be more stable once it's mature if there are no big heavy limbs that make it lopsided.

In addition to removing limbs before they get very big, your tree will probably need branches trimmed back regularly. When a tree has a growth spurt, branches can shoot toward your roof or siding, and those should be trimmed so they don't damage your house.

Trimming Lets In More Light

Lush growth is pretty, but if the canopy is too thick, the light can't filter down and nourish the trunk of the tree. Trimming away excess branches can make your tree healthier. As a bonus, more light filters to the ground so algae doesn't grow on your walkways and so you can grow grass and flowers under the tree.

A tree that's been trimmed still provides cooling shade, but it also allows the sun to shine through partially so you get the best of both sun and shade.

Trimming Makes The Tree Safer For Kids

If your tree has low limbs, your kids may love to climb the tree every chance they get. You may even want to build a treehouse in the tree for them. A tree that isn't trimmed may have many small, weak branches that could injure your child. Plus, there could be so much growth that leaves and branches get in the way and pose a hazard. A tree trimming service can cut the low branches so all the tree branches are above where your kids play.

Trimming Gets Rid Of Weak Growth

Removing weak and dead growth also removes the safety hazard of branches falling off and hitting someone or damaging property during a storm. If some of the branches are dead due to insects or a tree disease, removing the affected branches helps control the spread of the problem. If branches are dead because they've been damaged, insects can invade and infest the tree through the dead wood, so those branches should be removed too.

To learn more, reach out to a local tree trimming service.