Get Off The Turf! When New Turf Is Laid On A Field And Gets Ruined

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Turf on a playing field is a vital part of how a sport is played. If the teams that play on that turf cannot properly dig their cleats into it and run, the game is going to be a disaster. Likewise, any place you lay turf should be left alone until the turf is effectively and firmly in place. If you get some trespassers who disregard a sports field or a residential landscape and walk or run over turf that is not ready to handle anyone's footfalls, then you are going to need turf management services to rectify the situation. Here is what will happen next. 

Damaged Turf Is Cut Away and Removed

The first thing that this special service company will do is cut away the turf that has been damaged. They will remove the damaged turf and dispose of it. Then they will measure the areas of exposed soil to see how much new turf has to be laid to cover up these spots. 

New Turf Is Cut and Laid

New turf patches are cut to fit the missing patches of turf. These new patches of turf are laid seamlessly in place so that you cannot tell that the old turf was damaged and removed. If there is a divot of soil missing along with the damaged turf, the turf management company will fill the divot with fresh soil and pack it down before laying the new patches of turf over the top. That way, you will not see any sinking areas where there were holes in the soil before.

New Turf Areas Are Roped or Fenced Off

It is important to prevent any further tromping on the turf until it is secure. To accomplish this, all turf areas should be roped off or fenced off to prevent anyone from walking or running over these areas. Your turf management company can provide the necessary equipment to do this, and then they will return to collect this equipment when the turf is finally ready for people to walk and run on it. 

Replacing the Turf When It Gets Too Battered

Additionally, turf on a field or turf on your property can and will become a little battered after some time. It can be replaced, in part or in whole, when you decide it needs replacing. Just call the same turf management company from before and they can tell you what it will cost to replace it. 

For more information, contact a turf management company.