3 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Landscape

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Whether need to make you make your yard look attractive quickly for an outdoor party or you want your whole property to shine when you sell your home, making your landscape stunning on a whim may seem nearly impossible. Here are 3 ways you can improve your landscape quickly so you can have a lush, pretty yard you can be proud of.


Hydroseeding is a great way to place an even layer of grass seed on your existing grass to make it thicker, more even, and greener in appearance. Nutrients and sturdy materials are mixed with the seeds as they are spread out on your lawn, allowing you to water the areas you place the mixture on right away. Hydroseeding is excellent for landscapes that have bare edges along tree lines (especially pine trees where the sun is blocked), dry spots due to pet traffic and bathroom habits, and ravaged areas where weeds have taken over. You can hydroseed most times of the year, although if you are doing so during the height of summer, you will want to water the affected areas more frequently to keep them from drying out.

Potted plants

If you don't have a green thumb or you don't have time to plant blooms in your garden or around your front porch, turn to potted plants instead. Potted petunias, daisies, marigolds, or geraniums are hardy and require simply sun and water in addition to their potted soil. You can place these potted plants along sidewalks, in front of rock gardens, near your patio, or even alongside your mailbox for a quick splash of color that draws the eye. Consider vibrant hues in yellow, purple, pink, and blue to contrast against the greenery of your existing yard.

Bird feeders

Let nature impress your visitors for you by installing bird feeders in your trees or off your patio. Birds add color and rich sound to your property, giving your landscape a more natural, welcoming appeal. You can make your own bird feeder simply by taking a pine cone, covering it in peanut butter, then rolling it in birdseed for a treat most feathered friends (and a few squirrels) won't be able to resist. Hang these treats high in trees where cats cannot easily get to them.

You can make your yard glow by adding a few quick and easy touches. Whether you want a thicker, healthier looking landscape or you need some color to jazz up your yard, you can transform your outdoor space easily by knowing just which improvements to make.