Landscaping And Bald Spots: Remedies For Your Yard

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Everyone wants their yard to look green and healthy, not only for their own enjoyment but to maintain neighborhood standards. If your lawn looks patchy and bald in areas, you may not have to reseed or resod the entire yard. You can take steps to repair isolated areas and return your yard to lushness once again.


Before you take any remedial steps, you need to diagnose the problem with your lawn. Bald spots can be caused by a fungus, grubs, bugs, or other issues. For instance, if your pet relieves himself in the same area continually, the grass is likely to turn brown and die. In some instances, your lawn may simply need more water. You need to rid your lawn of these problems before you attempt to repair the damage. Your local landscaper will be able to advise you on this issue. Once you've corrected the problem, you are ready to regrow your grass.


You will need to determine what type of grass you currently have in your yard and buy a bag or two. Then you need to dig up the area that is dead and break up the soil. You can use a rake or other tool to smooth the soil. Experts recommend that you add some top soil if your ground is mostly clay. Once you have an even surface, you need to sow the seed, covering the bare area. You should consider adding some fertilizer to the mix to help jumpstart the growth. Use a rake to mix everything together and then resmooth the ground. Immediately water the area. Continue to do so lightly three times a day for at least a week. 


If you still have trouble fixing these spots, you should consult with your landscaper about possibly re-sodding part or all of your yard can pay off in time saved. Investing in a soil test first can help you choose the right sod for the composition of your soil. You can buy sod and plant it yourself or have the professionals do it. If you are unhappy with the look of your lawn overall, it might be time to just start over. 

No one likes bald spots, particularly on your lawn. You can fix this problem, often with just a little elbow grease and grass seed. For extensive grass issues, you may wish to redo your entire lawn. Seek advice from your landscaping professional and get your lawn looking great again. Companies like Arbor Landscape and Sprinklers may be able to help.