5 Ways To Use Commercial Landscaping To Improve Business Sign Visibility

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One of the most important features of your commercial landscape is your signage. Without noticing a sign, potential customers may overlook your business and go elsewhere. Still, there are ways to highlight your signage using commercial landscaping. Here are a few of them:

Brightly Colored Plants Around Your Sign

Color draws the eye. If you would like your sign to be noticed, ensure that colorful plants are included in the plant bed surrounding your sign. This can be easy to achieve during spring and summer months due to flowering plants. During fall and winter months, it may be best to include small plants or trees whose leaves change colors during that time. In addition, you can include decorative rocks or mulch that is colored.

Add a Fountain

A fountain with flowing water can add a serene and professional feel to your signage. In addition, the flow of moving water draws the eyes of potential customers. Adding large, distinctive landscaping rocks to the fountain decor can further highlight the sign.

Layered Flower Beds

Even if you place brightly colored flowers around the signs on your property, it is important that the flowers and shrubs be strategically placed so that the flower bed has a layered, professional appearance. The shortest plants should be farthest away from the sign, and the largest decorative plants or shrubs should be closest to the signage. The sign should represent the pinnacle of your flower bed design.

Add Landscape Lighting

Spotlights installed into the area around your sign can help highlight the signage. The lights can be aimed directly at the lettering of your sign, In addition, you can even use colored lights to accent your outdoor design.

Lighting can be especially helpful at night, when visibility is low. In addition, landscape lighting is generally less expensive then the purchase of a large internally lit sign.

Sign Elevation

If your signage is too close to the ground, it may be hard for passersby to notice. To elevate your sign, consider having a large planter or retaining wall installed so that the signage can be installed on top of it. By elevating the sign and surrounding it with attractive, colorful plants, the visibility of your sign can be enhanced.

If you are looking for ways to used the landscape of your commercial property to improve the visibility of your company signage, contact a commercial landscaping company like Chapel Valley Landscape Company in your area.