Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Lawn Care Service

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When you have a busy schedule that minimizes your spare time, it's a satisfying feeling to return home after a long day and see that your lawn is freshly cut. Hiring a lawn service is an effective way to keep your home's curb appeal elevated even if you aren't able to spend much time in your yard. Regardless of the rate you're paying for this service, you might be thinking about tipping as a way to express your appreciation for the high level of care your lawn service provides. Tipping for lawn care doesn't follow the same formula as tipping at a restaurant, though. Here are three things to know before you tip.

It's Smart To Check The Company's Policy On Tipping

When you're starting to entertain the idea of tipping the person who cares for your lawn, your first step should be to call the lawn service and ensure it allows its employees to accept tips from customers. You don't want to create an uncomfortable moment by handing the person a tip after he or she finishes cutting your lawn and learning that the person cannot accept it.

Don't Tip After Each Visit

Although there's certainly no rule against tipping your lawn care person after each visit, this is not conventionally done. Unless you're at home all day, you'll likely be out at work when the person arrives, which means that an attempt to tip would be complicated because you'd be leaving cash somewhere for the person to collect. If you want to tip, there's a better way to do it.

Tip Once Per Year

The common approach taken for tipping a lawn care service is to tip once per year. If you live in a climate in which you use the service throughout the year, tipping around the holidays is appropriate. If you only get your lawn cut for several months of the year, tip at the end of the cutting season. The suggested amount is between $15 and $50. This wide range means that you can select exactly how much you'd like to tip by evaluating the person's care and attentiveness. Think of things such as the person's punctuality, quality of work and the extra little things that make a big difference. For example, you might tip higher for someone who takes time to rake grass clippings off your driveway at the end of the job.

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