Do's and Don't of Using Container Plants for Patio Landscaping

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If you want to have plants around your patio, but you have limited space or don't want to do major changes, then landscaping your patio with container plants may be a good option. You can even choose different pottery and planter colors and styles to create a unique look to your patio. However, there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to using container plants as patio landscaping.


Do have a plan in mind as to what types of containers you want and where you want to place them. Make sure you have the space and the right amount of sunlight you need for the plants you want to use.

Do fix any imperfections, such as loose bricks, pavers and damaged wooden boards, on your patio before placing pots and planters. Heavy containers may dislodge loose tiles or bricks or cause cracks in weak areas.

Do place large containers in the exact area you want them before filling them. Large planters can be heavy and may cause damage to patios if they're moved around after being filled.

Do mix up your plants and containers to create the effect you want. For example, if you want more privacy, try placing containers with tall plants in a row. You can also mix and match textures and colors of both plant and pottery.


Don't use large plants that will outgrow their container and cause it to break or cause the plant to weaken or die. Conversely, don't plant small plants in large containers, as they often look stunted.

Don't plant toxic, sharp or stinky plants around the patio area. These types of plants may create an unpleasant experience in an area that you may want to appear as being open and relaxing.

Don't be afraid to prune your plants as needed, especially if they're fast growing. If a particular plant is causing a problem, such as growing over doors or furniture, you may want to consider relocating it.

Don't use containers and soil with poor drainage, such as pots without drain holes or soils that don't drain properly. A good type of potting soil is a mix of soil and peat.

Using containers for patio landscaping is a great way to have variety and versatility to your landscaping. Containers make it easier to change and move plants around, depending on the look or feel you want to achieve. If you are unsure how to set up your patio's plants or are wondering how else to design your backyard area, then a landscape designer, such as Precision Lawn & Landscaping Inc, may be able to help. They will help you pick out and choose the best plants and designs for your patio to create the ultimate effect of luxury, privacy or beauty.