3 Plants You Can Place In Your Yard That Will Help Keep The Bugs Away

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Bugs are a common problem in the summer, and having too many bugs in your yard may be the issue stopping you from spending time outside. If you want to keep bugs out of your yard, you might be able to achieve this by planting the right types of plants. Not only could this reduce the bug population, but it could also make your yard look nicer. Here are three types of plants that are known for keeping bugs away.


There are a number of different herbs you can plant by your house to keep bugs away, and one of these is basil. Basil is an herb you can use in cooking, and it is commonly used in Italian foods. If you plant fresh basil in planters, you can set these planters on your porch and in areas where you would like to sit or entertain.

Bugs do not like the smell of basil, and they will usually leave when they smell it. This is a great remedy for keeping flies away, but it also works well with mosquitoes too.


Lemongrass is also an herb; however, it looks like a plant, and it is a great plant to use for keeping bugs away. Lemongrass plants contain citronella, which is a common ingredient used in candles and oils in the summertime for keeping bugs away. Bugs, especially mosquitoes, do not like the smell of citronella. When you have these plants around your home, the bugs will detect the scent and will go the other way.

You can plant lemongrass in planters, or you can plant the bushes directly in the ground. It is best to keep them close to your house and around the areas you will occupy when you are outside.


A third option you have is planting chrysanthemums around your yard. Chrysanthemums are flowers that come in many different colors, and they are a great addition for any yard. These flowering plants contain a chemical called pyrethrum, which has the ability to repel mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and many other bugs. In fact, this ingredient is often taken from these plants and used in pesticides and insecticides. You can plant these anywhere in your yard, including in planters on your porch.

If you would like to naturally keep bugs away from your yard and home, you may want to consider hiring a landscaper to plant these types of plants for you. To learn more, contact a landscaping company today.