Why Adding A Fountain To Your Property's Lake Is About More Than Just Aesthetics

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Do you have a small lake on your property that is either covered with algae and duckweed, infested with colonies of insects hovering above it, or smelling bad? If so, there is a simple solution that can turn these bad things into something good and beautiful – air.  You can force more air into the water by installing some lake fountains.

While a fountain is certainly great for curb appeal and aesthetics, it has some wonderful utilitarian applications. Here are just a few ways a fountain--and air--will help turn your overgrown, insect-infested lake into something you and your family can enjoy. 

It Deals with Duckweed and Algae

A fountain uses a pump to take water from the bottom of the lake and force it up into the air at the top of the lake. As the water droplets fall onto the surface, ripples are created. These ripples will push anything on top of the water out and to the sides. Now all the algae and duckweed can be easily scooped out without having to get into the water. This is especially handy in deeper lakes and during the cold season.

It's a Natural Insect Repellent

The constant movement of the surface of the water and the falling droplets discourage insects from breeding. They cannot settle on or hover above the surface to drink without getting tossed around and possibly drowning when their wings become so wet they cannot flutter fast enough.

It Reduces Bad Smells

If your lake is smelling bad, it is usually due to rotting organic matter. Dead insects and fish, rotting plants, and animal excrement all contribute to the stench. To alleviate the problem, you need bacteria that breathe oxygen. All it takes is to aerate the water, by using a fountain, and the bacteria will swarm to the decay and eat it. These bacteria will then reproduce and thrive in the water, taking care of all the rotting organic matter and keeping the lake from smelling like an old trash can. These bacteria are not going to bother you, your family or pets, or any other living thing.

Sure, a fountain looks great. You can use different heads to have the water fall in different patterns, and you can even add colored lights for a beautiful nighttime show. However, the real reasons to have a lake fountain is to keep your lake clean, healthy, and smelling good.