3 Common Repairs Homeowners Often Make With Their Sprinkler Systems

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To keep your lawn looking amazing, many people turn to a lawn irrigation system. When the system is programmed properly, it will provide the right amount of water for your lawn. However, these systems aren't immune to problems. There is always the chance that something could go wrong and require a repair to get your system back up and running. Thankfully, some of these repairs are relatively simple and can be done in no time. Here are some of the common repairs your sprinkler system might need.

Replace the sprinkler head.

A broken head is relatively easy to find. All you have to do is go around and look for any broken or cracked casing on the sprinkler heads or water spraying wildly when the system is in use. Oftentimes, the heads are completely broken off. This often occurs whenever the heads are run over or set higher than they should be. You can easily find a replacement head from your local home center or online. Make sure to check the type and brand of your system to ensure you get the right ones.

Clean the heads.

The sprinkler heads can get clogged from dirt and debris in the environment around them. A clogged head will end up rising out of the ground, but it won't be able to spray. It could also get stuck up after attempting to water the lawn. If that happens, you need to disassemble the heads by removing them from the canister. Once you have the heads off, you simply take a bucket of water and rinse all of the debris and soil away. Once they are nice and clean, you screw them back into position and turn your system back on.

Adjust the water valves.

If your system isn't getting enough water, the heads won't be able to shoot out a lot of water. It might even be so bad that the heads don't pop up when the system is activated. You might want to go through and double check to see if the valves are all the way open on the backflow device. When the handle to the pipe is parallel to the pipe, the valve is open. Once the valves are open, water pressure should return to normal.

By going through the three things above, you can make sure your sprinkler system is in proper working order at all times. If you ever have any questions about what you need to do, you can turn to a licensed sprinkler system specialist.