3 Things That May Not Be Included In Your Home Construction Package: What You Want To Know

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Are you starting to budget for your new home construction project and you think the builders have everything covered? Make sure the builders are including everything that you'll need and want to move in, and not just the bare basics.

You want to know that when you move into the house you can start living life with a finished property. You want to make sure that the outside is complete just like the interior of the house, and that the house fits in with others in the neighborhood. Here are a few things to consider budgeting for inside and out that may not be in your quote.

Patio Costs

You don't want to open your back door to a dirt patch, and you probably want more than a small poured piece of concrete. Talk with the contractor about having a concrete stained patio put in, or possibly a deck of engineered wood, so you have a great entertaining space that you're ready to enjoy. This should be added to the cost of the project.

Hydroseed and Lawn Needs

You don't want people to drive by your house and see a lot of full of dirt, and then your beautiful new house. Instead, talk with the professionals, like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc, in the area about having hydroseed put down around the property, so you get grass in the yard quickly. If you are looking for shrubbery or some mature trees, consider having them brought in at a medium height or size to compliment the grass coming in.

Finished Basement

If you don't know how to finish a basement and you don't want to hassle with it after the house is built, ask the contractors to add the cost to finish the basement in the building loan. This way you have the basement space to use when you move in.

There are a lot of things that you may not realize are in the cost of building a home, so take the time to make sure the house is going to have what you expect when the day comes that you move in all of your things. Get quotes outside of the builder if you think the building contractor is charging too much for the things that you want done around the property, if you think you can pay them out of pocket on your own. These are just three great things you want to have.